Love is Mama's Hands (Hardcover Book)

Tangerine and Jade Press

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Love is Mama’s Hands is a vibrant and heartfelt picture book that celebrates the many ways in which love can be shared. From words of affirmation to spending quality time together, we all have our own unique and diverse love languages. This story is an ode to immigrant families, where love is often shown through acts of service, especially through cooking.

Written in a lyrical and poetic style, Love is Mama’s Hands tells the story of a young girl who sees that her mother shows love by using her hands to garden, knit and cook. Learning to make some of her favorite Cantonese dishes, the young girl discovers her cultural roots. Soon, she learns that her mother’s cooking and other acts of service carry just as much meaning as the words “I love you.”

Dimensions: 9" x 9"
Publisher: Tangerine and Jade Press

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